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Bio Golf

The BioGolf Project is intended as an alternative for the development of environmentally-friendly and sustainable golf-related tourism, which uses the environment as a resource and opportunity, as a competitive factor rather than a constraint. nGolf is a “green” sport par excellence. It basically needs only a large natural space, in which players can walk/stroll using equipment that has almost no environmental impact. Yet, in some cases, golf courses have been an aggressive factor for the region and contributed to increased land occupation and wasted resources.nThe BioGolf Project is available to those wanting to strongly affirm the environmental compatibility of golf courses, and the interest of developing and properly maintaining an area by creating golf courses. The label ( BioGolf) would be granted when a number of environmental measures are respected, making it possible to create new low-impact infrastructures or convert existing ones to sustainable management.nEnvironmental sustainability also means better economic sustainability. Income generated by activities deriving from the proper use of natural resources demonstrates how the synergy between environment and development can be a match made in heaven for the future of investors choosing “green” as their playing field.nThe fundamental requisites for the creation of new BioGolf infrastructures will include limited land occupation and the reuse of buildings, including in high-quality facilities, which through sporting venues like golf courses can often continue to be part of Italy’s heritage. These are often otherwise neglected buildings that are poorly known to most people, which can be used as club houses or offices. nThe BioGolf Project also intends to underline the importance of nature studies when planning golf courses. The flora, fauna and vegetation, as well as the other environmental aspects of the area that is the subject of planning are instrumental for subsequent EIA and SEA procedures or other environmental procedures, and are of fundamental importance for designers and planners who, in preparing the Master Plan, can create golf courses that are inserted in the landscape because they are already familiar with its characteristics and can therefore already have at their disposal a paper that includes specifications for a 100% “green” golf even in the draft version.

Bio Turf

BioTurf® by UMC can be considered an eye focused on quality and environment in the maintenance of lawns, a useful tool to everyone who put the health of themselves and their customers as well as the Earth before everything. nnBioTurf® by UMC catalogue presents nowadays a complete range of organic fertilizers divided into the usual categories: solid, liquid, soil improvers. For the first there is availability of different granulometries in order to make them suitable to lawns of every kind, both sporting and residential. The formulations are responsive to the turf’s major needs; besides the presence of the three main macroelements N, P, K, we offer the possibility to introduce the secondary macronutrients Ca, Mg, Fe as well as an important set of microelements such as Zn, B, Mo, Mn. There are also products to deepen and develop the root system as well as organic formulations for the control of insects and fungal diseases.nnBioTurf® by UMC is an open and dynamic catalogue that can be continuously implemented when new organic products demonstrate their efficacy and functionality with field experience and international references.