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100% BIO

100% BIO

Totally organic fertilizer studied for
Eco-compatible management of turf.

The whole corporate philosophy of U.M.C. it’s linked to an interpretation environmentally friendly of the green management, a mentality that underlies everything we do. In particular, our range of products 100% BIO including fertilizers, biostimulants, roots stimulants, soil improvers strongly represent this vocation.
Our line of organic fertilizers was created for an eco-friendly management of turf and permits to drastically reduce the chemical component of fertilization. The special composition provides organic matter rich in humic acid and amino-acids essential to photosynthesis. The bacterial microflora they contain helps the processes of humification and mineralization, therefore the transformation of the undecomposed organic substance in assimilable nutrients, allows the degradation of the felt and the mobilization and use of all minerals accumulated in the soil with the previous chemical treat. The moderate but steady growth allows to drastically reduce cuttings. The organic fertilizers and soil improvers of this line have the ORGANIC certification and are therefore admitted for organic use, giving the product an added value.