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Unmaco at the service of professionals since 1985

We’ve been committed for more than 35 years to offer our clients products and services which are improving in efficiency and innovation every day.
A focused commitment always evolving.

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    Come sempre gentilissimi e preparatissimi a livello tecnico. Si trova qualsiasi cosa possa mai servire dal piccolo prato ornamentale al campo sportivo.

    Filippo Filo

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    Centro per il giardinaggio a livello professionale che hobbistico. Ottimi prodotti fitosanitari, sementi e concimi

    Daniele Pignatti

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    Ottimi prodotti per il giardinaggio e la cura del prato. In aggiunta un sacco di ottimi consigli da parte di persone gentili molto competenti e disponibili.

    Mauro Siviero

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    Molto professionali e gentilissimi.

    Giorgio Martinetti

2022 catalogue

More and more sustainable products

Unmaco has always been researching for high-quality standards, both for products for turf managing and for those specific for floriculture, horticulture, and viticulture. We carefully select the products after evaluating their quality and the results they showed when tested on field trials.

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