Latest generation of turf seed varieties with excellent levels of purity and germinability. At Unmaco we choose the best varieties in order to create two different lines of products and other seed mixes by clients’ request. Uniland Blue is the line with darker green color, Uniland Green is for turf with a lighter green shade. The varieties used in the Uniland Blue line have American origins so they will give a dark green coloration, resistance to fungi diseases, tolerance to drought and excellent levels of purity and germinability. All the cultivars tolerate a low cut so they can be used for different types of use. Those mixes are Bioactivated, meaning they have been treated with biostimulants, radicants and PGPR to improve the performance during seeding time, granting a quicker germination and a safe engraftment of plantules. The mixes in the Uniland Green line are made with top quality European seed varieties with a lighter shade than the American ones. This line is suggested to mitigate the effects of annual meadow grass and for those who prefer a lighter color lawn. In our range of products we also have a lot of mixes of wildflowers for flower meadows; a good answer for a more sustainable management of urban areas, parks and gardens or for an environmental restoration. On request we create custom-made mixes for turf, technical grassing, areas under vineyards and orchards.

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