Wetting agents are specific products useful in providing a better diffusion of water in the rhizosphere, improving the root’s efficiency, solving dry spots and reducing the use of water spent on turf. The planned use of wetting agents will grant more hydration and diffusion of water in the rhizosphere increasing even the air/water ratio. Regularly using wetting agents improves drainage and, reducing superficial runoff, it allows to save about 20-30% of water. Wetting agents have different specific characteristics, depending on the problem they are used for: curative wetting agents for persistent hydrophobic conditions in turf and dry spot; preventive wetting agents that, applied during spring, optimize the hydric balance in potentially hydrophobic areas. Dispersant products help prevent the buildup of dew on top of leaves. Wetting agents are also successfully used in the management of potting soil in nurseries, during the first potting and with other management operations.

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