Three Generations Of Experience

Since its foundation in 1959 as a producer of products for agriculture, Ticozzi sas grown up to become the company now known as Unmaco (UNiversal MAnure COmpany), keeping the same commitment and care of its founder and operating in a more innovative way in the green sector. The experience and specific education gained by the Unmaco team throughout the years, allow us to provide our clients with green solutions for any situation.

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Unmaco has always been researching for high-quality standards, both for products for management of turf and garden and for those specific for floriculture, horticulture, and viticulture.

We carefully select the products after evaluating their quality and the results they’ve shown when tested on field trials. It’s thanks to strong collaborations with research centers in the United States and Europe that Unmaco products can satisfy professional’s highest demands. Through research we look to the future with products that are advanced and environmentally friendly.

We not only offer excellent products for the nutrition and stimulation of plants, as fertilizers, soil improvers, rooting and biostimulants, but we also pay attention in choosing turf seeds. The varieties that we import from the United States and Europe have only high levels of germinability and purity and have been selected for their tested resistance to diseases and tolerance towards different stressful conditions such as heavy wear, drought, shadow, water salinity and cold. All this to supply the right product for the creation of yards under any condition and cultivation of lawn sod.
The exclusivity contracts with the most important companies in the sector are just an indication of the professionalism of our work.


We benefit from the collaboration with some great technicians and experts in the green business to supply our clients with advice and assistance from the project phase to the building and managing of any turf – both residential and sports- and green areas of any type. A group of specialized agronomists is ready to offer consultancy to winegrowers, horticulturists and any other person in agriculture production.

This is all done according to the We Greencare philosophy, based on attention given to how the plant looks and its health state in order to better evaluate the products and techniques to use. With a keen eye on sustainability and environment.

In Unmaco technical education is very important, therefore we invest in organizing meetings for professionals that want to update their knowledge and discover some modern management techniques, all environmentally friendly.



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