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Pursuant to article 13 of EU’s regulation 2016/679 (GDPR), Universal Manure Company Srl provides you with the following details regarding the cookies that have been installed on the domain (from now on “website”).

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text fragments, usually made of letters and/or numbers that are sent from the website and memorized by the installed browser you use for navigating the web. Cookies are then transmitted back to the site once you visit it again.
Cookies allow to gather informations regarding the visits to the website and they represent a very useful technology since they allow for a better site performance, making it more efficient. Without cookies the website would have no way to “remember” some informations, such as the content of your shopping cart during online shopping.
Cookies are classified based on:

  • duration: session cookies or persistent ones;
  • origin: cookies from first or third parties;
  • purpose: strictly necessary cookies, for analyzing performancesand for behavioral advertising.

Cookies that expire at the end of a browsing session (usually when the browser is closed or after the session’s expiration) are defined session cookies and are useful at maintaining the session active. Cookies that, on the other hand, get memorized for a longer amount of time (between sessions) are called persistent cookies and are useful, for example, to remember your preferences or to propose target advertising.

The definition of first and third party refers to the website or domain that installs the cookies. First party cookies are installed directly from the website, while third party cookies are installed by a different domain, for example, if a site incorporates elements that come from other services, such as advertising platforms.

It’s advised to specify that the ends usually acquitted by a cookie can be realized thanks to other similar technologies, among which the use of determined functionalities that allow the identification of devices, making it possible to analyze the visits to the website. These policies applies to almost any technology that memorizes or has access to informations on your device. It could fit in this category, for example, the local archiving HTML5, local shared objects (also called flash cookies) and the technique of fingerprinting. From now on when referring to cookies, other similar technologies will be comprised in the definition.

What are the purposes of the cookies used in the present site?

The cookies that are strictly necessary allow the website to work properly and make it possible to use the contents and services of itself in a easier way: for example it will be possible to navigate on the website while conserving the content of your shopping cart or you won’t have to carry out any action on the banner that contains the short policy to every site’s access, because the choice of consent will be registered. Strictly necessary cookies can’t be disabled and for their installation no previous consent is required. Those cookies are kept in your browser for the necessary time to grant the correct functioning of the website, while persistent cookies last up to 1 year.

Cookie settings


Performance analytics cookies are installed to measure some of your actions while navigating the website. In particular these cookies are useful to statistically analyze logs and visits to the site, to optimize the structure, navigation logic and contents. These cookies are not strictly necessary for running the website, therefore your consent is required for them to be installed.

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Targeting cookies are used to track navigation on the website in order to analyze your behavior for marketing purposes in order to create a profile based on your tastes, habits and choices. This is how Universal Manure Company Srl is able to send you targeted ads based around your interests and preferences shown during navigating. Also, in order to better target individuals, the data collected with these cookies could be transferred to other platforms used by Universal Manure Company Srl. These cookies are not strictly necessary for running the website, therefore your consent is required for them to be installed.

Cookie settings


How can you manage cookie preferences?

From your first access to any website page, a banner is present that contains a short informative and a link that allows to open the COOKIE CONSENT CENTER by which you can easily choose which cookies to install. You can access the cookie consent center easily at any moment thanks to a specific link in the site’s footer.
It’s also possible to change the settings regarding cookies through the browser you’re using, delete some or all cookies or limit the possibility of them being sent to specific sites. Here are the instructions to modify cookie settings relative to the most commonly used browsers:

Disabling or deleting cookies could compromise the optimal fruition of some areas in the website or won’t allow for certain functionalities, it will also affect third party services making them not work properly.

Communication and data sharing

Data that has been collected using cookies could be handled by employees and partners of the company’s functions delegated to pursuing the ends mentioned above, that have been explicitly authorized to the treatment and received the necessary operating instructions. This data can also be handled by trusted companies that take care of the administrative and technical sides for Universal Manure Company Srl. These societies take on the role of data processors. In particular in the data treatment environment done through the site, the society that takes care of hosting and backup services. They can also be handled by external people who operate as autonomous holders such as the authorities, supervisory and inspection bodies. The collected data, using cookies, can be transferred to the United States, adhering to privacy shield principles, if the providing society adheres to that framework, meaning in adhesion to ulterior appropriate safeguards adequate in accordance to chapter 5 of the GDPR.

Your rights

Contacting the privacy office via e-mail at, you can ask Universal Manure Company Srl access to data regarding you, their deletion, limitation of treatment in the cases referred to in article 18 of the GDPR and opposing to the treatment in the hypothesis of legitimate interest from Universal Manure Company Srl. If the treatment is based on consent or contract and has been made through automated instruments, you have the right to receive the data in a structured format, of common use and that can be read by automated devices, also, if technically achievable to send them to another owner without any impediment. You also have the right to revoke your consent to unnecessary cookies without affecting the functioning and functionalities of the website. Lastly, you have the right to propose a complaint with the guarantor for protection of personal data.

Owner and Responsible of personal data protection

Universal Manure Company Srl is owner of this treatment you can contact it via the administrative headquarters in Via G. Gobetti 10, 20081 Abbiategrasso(MI) or via E-mail at
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