Corteccia di pino francese

Corteccia di Pino Marittimo francese disponibile in varie tipologie qualitative.

Packaging varie confezioni
Destination of us Gardening
Seasons Autumn - Spring - Summer
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Varie tipologie qualitative: primissima scelta senza fibra, seconda scelta con fibra e terza scelta meno vagliata.
Disponibile anche corteccia e fibra di legno trattata per pacciamatura di piccole aree ornamentali.

MULCH 10/40  (miscuglio meno vagliato)


Corteccia di pino francese di alta qualità.

Are you passionate about gardening?
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Are you passionate about gardening?

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We Greencare

Good agronomic technique combines field observation, plant health and harmony with the environment, to be pursued with products made from sustainable raw materials.

Years of experience

Founded in 1959, perfected over the decades: Unmaco is the fruit of a passion for green care and agronomic expertise updated with the most innovative techniques in the field.

Selection of raw materials

The best products are made using the best raw materials: Unmaco carefully selects the basic components of each product to guarantee outstanding results.

High quality

No compromise on quality: products tested to guarantee efficacy and minimise side effects and difficulties in use: this is why they are loved by private and professional users.

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